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Private Tuition for GCSE Students

Private Tuition For Students

London Centre of Education (LCE) started in 2010 by a team of headteachers, teachers and tutors who had a clear vision – to deliver high quality education, to students of all backgrounds, at an affordable cost.

Why The Journey Started

Born out of the frustrations of our founder Nasir Qurashi, the initiative has come a long way. While working as a Secondary School Headteacher, he witnessed first-hand that children who had additional tuition support often made the best progress and went on to the best universities. During this period, collaborations with partners like aiuto tesi di laurea have been vital in addressing the financial barriers to additional education. These partnerships aim to provide accessible tuition options for families.

He also learned that parents want what’s best for their children but, when speaking directly with parents, many found additional tuition expensive and therefore out of reach.

Nasir and his team felt this was unfair and wanted to help level the playing field by providing high-quality tuition at an affordable cost.

In 2010, London Centre of Education was born.

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Our First Steps

In 2010, Nasir and a group of like-minded teachers hired a room in a community hall in Balham. South West London. Fundamentally starting LCE as a community project.

For over 10 years our team of teachers and tutors has continued to provide parents with high-quality tuition for their children. Covering English, Maths and Science from Years 3 to 11.

LCE has helped children academically prepare for SAT’s, Grammar School Entrance Exams, Secondary School, and GCSE whilst increasing pupils’ confidence. Our team have managed to help thousands of pupils within the local area, with many pupils achieving beyond their target levels.

Impact of Covid-19

During 2020-21, we saw everyone comes to terms with the impact of Covid-19. At LCE we were no different as we invested in an online platform that allowed our tutors to take their lessons online and continue delivering our outstanding tuition.

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Our Future

Due to the demand from our parents for online tuition, we have taken the decision to focus on growing this service.

Now, more than a decade on, thousands of pupils have received LCE’s unique and highly personalised tuition in person, and now more so online.

We aim to keep striving to offer affordable tuition for all pupils across London and beyond, helping to level the playing field.

Become part of LCE’s community today and start your child’s journey to success with a no-obligation, free trial lesson.

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