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The trial is a free no-obligation lesson in which you and your child experience our high-quality tuition before any financial commitment.

How does the Free Trial Work

◉ Once you complete this form, one of our friendly team will reach out within 48 hours to book your child’s trial lesson.

◉ Once confirmed, we will send you an email invite and instructions to our online learning platform.

On the day of the trial lesson:

◉ Once logged in, the tutor delivers the lesson using questions and engaging resources to determine your child’s understanding.

◉ As parents/guardians, you can also be present to see the high-quality tuition being provided.

After the Lesson:

◉ After the trial lesson the Head of Teaching, who is a qualified headteacher, will call you to get feedback, answer any questions and provide suggestions.

Please note there is no charge and no obligation with the trial lesson.

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