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London Centre of Education (LCE) started in 2010 by a team of headteachers, teachers and tutors who had a clear vision – to deliver high quality education, to students of all backgrounds, at an affordable cost. 

We believe every child has untapped potential and we aim to provide outstanding support – both face-to-face and online –  for students to succeed, through our range of exceptional tuition services.

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London Centre of Education (LCE) started in 2010 by a team of headteachers, teachers and tutors who had a clear vision – to deliver high quality education, to students of all backgrounds, at an affordable cost.

We believe every child has untapped potential. Our aim is to offer outstanding educational support for children in KS2 to KS4 by providing an exceptional online tuition service. Delivered through one to one or group sessions by highly qualified and experienced tutors.

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£8 per hour

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Affordable Private Tutors In London

What subjects do our tutors cover?

At LCE, we provide high-quality tuition in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. In addition, we deliver specialised programmes for SATs, GCSE & 11+ grammar school entrance exams.

LCE lessons and resources are in line with the National Curriculum for all subjects. Our dedicated tutors prepare specific resources for your child to ensure that they fully understand and excel in their learning.






Affordable Online Tutors In London


What type of tuition is best for my child?

Every child is unique and our tutoring approach is always student-centric.

Whether your child has a lack of confidence in their schoolwork or needs guidance preparing for GCSE examinations, SATs or Grammar Entrance Tests, we are here to help. At LCE, our online lessons are carried out in the form of small group sessions or on a one to one basis.

Affordable Online Tutors In London

Online Tutoring

LCE offers a high quality alternative to face-to-face tutoring; delivering sessions remotely using our own online platform, supported by our high quality tutors.

Affordable Private Tutors In London

Group Sessions

Our small group tuition setting (maximum of 6 children) ensures students are able to enjoy the benefits of peer interaction and individual support.

Affordable Private Tutors In London

One to One Lessons

From help with homework to exam preparation, our one-to-one tuition offers a personalised approach to support your child to meet and excel beyond their targets

Why use LCE tutors?

Our main purpose is to offer a genuinely affordable tuition service. Our aim is not only for your child to receive high quality academic support, but to also give your child the confidence and self-belief to excel.

By combining cutting-edge digital tools with expert tutor support, this helps us to strike the perfect balance of interactive and individualised learning.

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